Hello FullTime, Hello to FullHeart.

November 1 is a big day for me. Its a big day because I stopped having multiple jobs, and went to one. ME. I needed to do this, for all the reasons, but most was to fill a desire to fully invest myself and immerse myself in a makers mindset. 

This is not a journey of guaranteed secured income or success, in fact its a very scary and unsure time for me, but I Trust in this process. I have to. 

For the holiday season, I have picked up numerous shows. I am learning more, and in doing so, expanding my options of what I offer.  Please keep checking my site, my IG: kaleidoscopekitty_designs and if you are a cool person that wants to help support my journey, I now have a Patreon. Even something as small as $1 can help me take a class. :) Its pretty neat to be able to help another artist, or friend from literally all over the world! There are levels for my campaign, and reward tiers as well, so its a plus for YOU as well! Win Win!

I am so excited to share Kaleidoscope Kitty to the world <3


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