Dreams come true

Kaleidoscope Kitty was created when Christine, age 10, wanted a pair of earrings completely unique from anything she's ever seen. After a trip to the Mall of America bead store and some tinkering with dad's tools, a passion was started that changed her life. Christine is primarily a self taught artist with a natural interest in color, movement, and perfection. This has driven her to continue her craft, working to explore other mediums and types of art. Jewelry continues to be her passion. Crafting each piece to highlight the recipient’s own individuality and features, she buys her stones from the source as often as possible and hand-picks the elements she uses.

In recent years, Kaleidoscope Kitty has taken her crochet and fiber accessories to the next level by starting to spin her own yarn. Christine was fascinated by how creative the fiber world has become, producing singular yarns and knits. Armed with a Lendrum DT, and a variety of wool, alpaca, yak, camel, mohair, and angora, she began to spin up a storm. Traveling everywhere with her wheel, she has spun on the rocks at Lake Superior and at multiple gallery shows. While she has no plans to own her own animals yet, she has assisted in shearing Alpaca at a local farm and spun that fiber into a shawl which she wore for her wedding. Many of the fibers Christine uses in her yarn is locally sourced from animals that are very well cared for.

In her free time Christine enjoys hoop dance with Hoop Twin Cities, drawing, painting, the company of her kitties, and spending time with her amazing and supportive husband, Ben.

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